Weight Management

Teresa recommends a choice of two programmes to help control weight which are based on your BMI or Body Mass Index which you can calculate using the chart below. Alternatively your BMI can be determined during the session.

If your BMI value is below 25 then this is considered to be in the normal weight range. If it is between 25 and 30 then this indicates being overweight and Teresa would suggest a single 90 minute weight session which will help to retrain you thinking processes to approach food in a different way.

Anyone who has a BMI value of 30 or more is categorised as being obese and for this situation another approach is needed; the Hypno Virtual Gastric Band. This method has proved to be very effective and clinical trials have returned success rates of up to 95% which is actually greater than a surgical Gastric Band operation. Teresa provides the Virtual Hypno Gastric Band in a programme of three 90 minute sessions.