Overcoming Stress, Anxiety And Bad Habits

Weight Control / Overspending / Stress & Anxiety / Overwhelm

Teresa will take you on a wonderful guided mediation. Whilst you are in a fully relaxed state you will be totally in control, and able to take the steps on a pathway of self improvement and self discovery.

Hypnosis simply means being in a fully relaxed, yet totally aware, state of mind.

We have all experienced being in a light trance.

Most of us have found ourselves driving home safely yet we cannot fully recall negotiating the route in detail. That is because we were in a light trance at the time. Our ‘auto-pilot’ took control of the driving whilst our sub-conscious went day-dreaming in a light trance.

This light trance is what you will experience during a Hypnotherapy session.

Our subconscious is the seat of all our memories and emotions.

When negative or unresolved emotions are blocked or repressed they will cause unpleasant symptoms and physical imbalances.

Hypnotherapy will gently unlock and unblock these repressed emotions.

As well as addressing any specific ailments or concerns you may have, you will also find that the wonderfully relaxing session will immediately help you deal effectively with the pressures and stresses of everyday living and also improve your health and wellbeing.